Al Pacino finally playing Napoleon

Al Pacino has wanted to play French emperor Napoleon for years now, and it looks like he’s finally getting his chance.

After waiting for seven years, Pacino signed on to the part in an adaptation of Staton Rabin’s kids’ book Betsy And The Emperor in 2005.

Then called The Monster Of Longwood, it was set to be directed by Pacino’s Merchant Of Venice collaborator Michael Radford and producers proudly announced it would shoot the following summer with an eye on launching at Cannes 2007.

How things change after four years. Now the film – which is working titled directly after the book – has John Curran primed to direct from Brian Edgar’s script.

The story, based on true events, finds a 14-year-old girl encountering the former French legend at her house on the island of St Helena, where British authorities imprisoned him.

Hopefully this time it might actually get off the ground. Filming is set for this autumn, but if the movie’s luck continues the way it has, it’ll be ready just in time for Cannes 2017.

[Source: THR ]

Pacino as Napoleon? Any other historical types he should tackle?


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