Afro Samurai sort-of revealed

Fans of the testosterone-fueled and haphazardly programmed Spike TV already know the name Afro Samurai, a hyper-violent anime that aired in five edited increments earlier this year. The Samuel L. Jackson-propelled anime will now become a video game that its US developers claim will be a "soulful, powerful and uncut" experience.

The extensive trailer shown earlier this week revealed very little, spending most of the time focused on a pool of blood and a crimson-splattered Afro clenching his sword. For about, oh, one and a half seconds, gameplay is visible but incoherent. Our guess is an even more violent take on the Devil May Cry style of sword-and-gun-play, seeing as the main villain will likely be Justice, the gunman who killed Afro's father (and is also voiced by everyone's favorite Hellboy, Ron Perlman).

The developers were fixed on convincing us that Afro will not another M-rated game that abuses its right to display blood, sex and violence. It will be, as we already said, a "powerful" translation of the anime into game form. Will these lofty words ring true when the game finally launches? No way to tell just yet, but if you've got an excited, devoted team of programmers and designers dead-set on delivering a quality product, chances are it'll turn out good.

The wait is on. May we suggest tracking down the uncut DVD box set to help pass the time?

June 15, 2007