AE3A - the alternative E3 awards

The game we thought we'd love... but didn't

Winner: Assassin's Creed
Don't get us wrong - we're still looking forward to giving it a thorough play-through. It's just that most of the cool acrobatics we've been so looking forward to are handled by the game's "free running" system. In other words, it lets you hold down a couple of buttons, point Altair in the right direction, and watch as he automatically leaps across chasms, skitters over catwalks and runs along walls. It's fun to watch, but it never really felt like we were doing it, and removing that layer of interactivity and challenge makes us a lot less excited about Assassin's Creed than we were before playing it.

Runner-up: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
We're starting to wonder why we thought shooting slow-ass corpses would be fun in the first place.