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Addidas Soccer Cheats

  • Dream Team Code

    At the main title screen (start/option screen),
    press start to begin a game.Then when the team selection screen appears, enter the code:L2, R2, square and X simultaneosly. If done correctly, DREAM TEAM will appear as your newly chosen team. Then begin your game.
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Addidas Soccer Hints

  • Special Moves

    Hope you enjoy this list of special moves.
    - Back Heal - s and x (with ball)
    - Dangerous Kick - s and x (without ball)
    - Handball - t and o (when there is a high pass in the box)
    - Juggle - s and x (when ball is near you - high or low)
    - Predator Bicycle Kick - t and x (when ball is passed high)
    - Predator Mega Shot - t and x (with ball)
    - Predator Volley - t and o (when ball is near or passed high)
    - Pull T-Shirt - t and o (when near opposition)
    - Push 2 Arms - t and x (without ball)
    - Super Flick - t and o (with ball)
    - Super Run - s and o (with or without ball)
    - Super Predator Chip - LEFT, t and x (with ball and near to rival goal)
    *t=triangle* *s=square*
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