Ace Combat X - multiplayer hands-on

Each of the five multiplayer modes offers several aspects of customization. You can alter the time limit, map, point count, number of targets... all kinds of good stuff. But no matter how many options you throw up on the screen or modes you play, the game's still limited to flying and shooting. It's still fun though, and we're glad to say Ace X plays just like its big brothers - that is to say, it could be the best flight game that'll ever hit the PSP. Just don't expect a lot to change.

While the gameplay may be shockingly close to the console games, we noticed the targeting system was working pretty slowly. We'd be rocketing towards an enemy only to see the lock-on reticle creeping along, causing us to fly right past the target. This will likely be addressed before the game ships this fall, but it did catch our eye. Aside from that, and other similarly minor issues that may very well be eliminated, Ace X should carry the series onto the PSP with afterburners blaring.


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