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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Cheats, Codes & Guides

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Hints

  • The TLS

    Entry location: When flying the Falken
    If you unlock the Falken then you know about the TLS. The TLS is like a missle it ranges to 5000 feet.
    Submitted by Matt the Ace
  • Auto-pilot

    If you hold R2 + L2 at the same time, the plane will put itself into auto-pilot allowing you to maintain the same speed while engaged.
    Submitted by Mike, MA
  • Alternate Strategy for Defeating the SOL

    On Mission 28, "The Unsung War", you can destroy the SOLG from the inside. On the tip on the 'tail' of the SOLG, there is a tunnel that leads to the linear accelerator. If you fly through this tunnel and destroy the single door at the end, the entire linear accelerator would be destroyed. The tunnel is quite small, so you may want to use a small plane like the X-29 or MiG-21-93.
    Submitted by Demon Lord of the Round Table
  • Easy Destruction of the SOLG

    Use the Falken's TLS (Tactical Laser) and attack the SOLG. The pieces should come of easily, allowing you to destroy the SOLG easily!
    Submitted by Zachary, Arlington, TX

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Unlockables

  • Unlock Falken

    Destroy 5 HANGARS in missions 12A, 12B, 16A, 16B, and 27. Note: their is one HANGAR per mission and located far from battlefields. Except 27, its found near a gun tower in frount of the tunnel.
    Submitted by Matt the Ace
  • Unlock X-02

    Unlock all aircraft except the Falken.
    Submitted by Matt the Ace
  • Unlock Planes

    X-02 = unlock all other planes
    F-22 = clear arcade mode
    SU-37 = shoot down Yellow in mission 27
    Mig-21-93 = shoot down Swordkill in mission 23
    F-2A = shoot down Cypher in mission 18
    EA-18G = shoot down Abelcan in mission 16b
    X-29A = shoot down daredevil mission 15
    Mir-2000D = shoot down Zaharada in mission 6
    F-14D = shoot down Zipang in mission 3
    Falken = complete expert with all S ranks
    YA-10B = shoot down Distantthunder in mission 25
    Submitted by Dakota Duffy

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