Abduction review

The makers of Abduction probably haven’t seen Hitchcock’s North By Northwest.

If they’d borrowed from some decent source material, this teen take on the mistaken- identity thriller would have been more entertaining.

Instead it’s Agent Cody Banks meets post-shark jump 24, with what appears to be an 8-year-old Soviet body builder in the lead role.

Look closer and you may recognise Twilight’s runner-up heartthrob Taylor Lautner starring as suburban teen Nathan.

Nathan lives out every unhappy adolescent’s fantasy when he discovers those boring grown-ups living in his house aren’t his parents, after all.

The discovery of his more glamorous true lineage places Nathan at the centre of an international espionage conspiracy. Soon enough, he’s on the run with love interest Karen (Lily “sprung-from-the-loins-of-Phil” Collins) in tow.

It’s the perfect opportunity for some screwball banter, but what little romantic tension these two lightweights can muster is dissipated early on by a super cheesy kiss.

No doubt the intention was to position Lautner as an action hero with teenybopper appeal.

Unfortunately, he’s so fatally lacking presence that the support cast (Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs) easily eclipses him. And they aren’t even trying.


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