Aaron Sorkin headed back to TV

While he's spent the time since Studio 60 was cancelled working on movies, Aaron Sorkin has been tooling away on a new idea for a TV series set behind the scenes of a show.

Yes, the writer behind David Fincher's The Social Network is following up Sports Night and Studio 60 with an untitled project he's keeping close to his chest.

"I'm going to be starting on a new TV series when filming is done on the upcoming movie The Social Network, he tells TV Guide.

"It's going to be what turns out to be the third in the trilogy of TV shows that take place behind the scenes of a TV show, but this will be a different kind of TV show. That's all I can let out of the bag right now.”

While we're big Sork fans, the whole "once bitten" (or in this case twice, since Sports Night, above, was brilliant but only lasted two seasons) theory comes up - can he make a TV-based show work like he did with The West Wing.

There has been speculation that he'll set this new project at a cable news show, which should allow him to indulge his speech-making, politics-prodding style much more comfortably than Studio's SNL-style setting.

Oh, and in equally exciting news, he wants to reunite some of his past cast members. “If you're a writer, when you're find an actor like Josh Malina, Felicity Huffman, Brad Whitford, Matthew Perry, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, all these great actors that I've worked with, you just want to stick them in your pocket and work with them forever, so I hope so.”

The campaign for a Sork-based mega-cast starts here!

[Source: TV Guide ]

What do you want a new Sorkin show to be about? Should he really be tempting the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing?


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