A new Exorcist?

The Exorcist is one of those films that few people think really needs to be remade - but what if the original writer and director were involved, and it was a miniseries, not a movie?

That's a possibility currently being talked up by William Peter Blatty, who wrote both the novel and the book on which the film is based, and who was interviewed by Cemetery Dance magazine recently.

Asked if there's anything he'd change about the film, Blatty replied, "I would love to have been able to include the subplot involving Karl and his daughter Elvira which I did in my first draft, but that script ran to 172 pages, much, much too long."

And there's more! "But I might have it my way in the near future, inasmuch as I've written an Exorcist miniseries script that not only faithfully includes all the main elements of the novel, but also some rather spooky new material and scenes, as well as a totally new (and perhaps much more satisfying) ending. I've also updated it. Billy Friedkin has agreed to direct."

Yes, it's not often that the original filmmakers get together to consider a new version of a horror classic… Of course, it might never actually come together and could still turn out to be awful, but it's definitely a better idea than handing it over to a first-time director and a studio that needs a PG-13 rating…

[Source: Cemetery Dance via Bloody Disgusting ]

Is this a good idea? Would you watch?



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