A child could have designed it better

8. Alicia from Castleween (Europe only)
PS2 | Gamecube | Gameboy Advance

The first thing to know about Castleween is that it's French. And traditionally, the Gallic approach to game characters has always been a bit *alternative*. Unusually, then, this design doesn't fall into the more traditional 'wacky' school of garlic-scented-design, typified by developers like Michel Ancel and his armless and legless Rayman (who very nearly made this list).

No, in this case, good old French has ditched 'zany' and created a hero who manages to be both bland and inherently detestable at the same time. We're outraged at how little thought has gone into the way she looks, but lost for words as to why we hate her with such a passion.

Is it the stupid freckles? Her deformed hands? Her non-existent nose? Maybe it's just because we fail to believe anyone with an ounce of creative talent would be pleased with coming up with her.

And before anyone French starts moaning that some good characters have come out of their country, check their provenance first - they were probably made in Canada.