A child could have designed it better

9. Kya from Kya: Dark Lineage

It's simple. She looks like your younger sister with a boomerang. And we don't want to play a game as our younger sister, even if she has a boomerang.

We don't even think our little sister would want to play as Kya. She's too busy calling the boys who play games geeks and doting over scruffy indie kids in bands.

Kya: Dark Lineage scored well with the men that reviewed it. The reason being that no-one wanted to be unkind to the game with the girl that reminded them of their little sister.

We remember being demoed Dark Lineage in Atari's office about four years ago by a man who seriously believed Kya was a character that would head up an established, best-selling franchise. We wanted to believe him. But as is the emerging story of games cankered by poor character design, it's never resurfaced since.