8-Bit Sunset

Upper left - Crystalis
One of the bigger, better unknowns, Crystalis was like playing a new Zelda game mixed with the super-hardcore nuances of the Ys series. All in all, a sweet time from beginning to end, though we're once more treated to figures viewing a sweeping landscape. The sun is presumably blazing high in the sky, but we'd bet our cache of elemental swords that these two will still be here when sunset finally comes.

Upper right - Blaster Master
This is one of the few cult classics that hasn't seen a rejuvenation attempt (other than a dismal PS One game). Like most NES games, it's incredibly difficult and the ending is so vague that the journey is barely worth it. But somehow, this scene of mountains, trees and a clear blue sky is eternally calming. We say it's one of the best.

Bottom - Mega Man 3­
Mega Man, just like Sonic, used to be king of the hill. Now they're both little more than generic kiddy fare. Let's head back to the days of Mega Man 3, when "Blue Bomber" wasn't cliché and fighting eight evil robots for their weapons was still exciting. You can almost hear Mega Man weeping as he stares into the blue void - it's like he knows it's all downhill from here. If only the pseudo-ghost of Proto Man could swoop down and save our azure hero from his destiny. Alas, it isn't meant to be. Sorry buddy. Enjoy your moment of tranquility while it lasts.

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