8-Bit Sunset

Upper left - Castlevania
The first Castlevania has very little in common with the series as we know it today. There are only six levels to play, all totally linear with one path, one boss and pretty junky controls. Fitting, then, that the ending kinda-sorta gets it right with a crumbling castle and a suggested sunset. Back in the mid '80s though, this was impressive.

Upper right - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Part two, however, bears a striking resemblance to the modern DS games. You gain new abilities and find more powerful weapons as the game wears on, the world is open to explore and many RPG elements permeate the whole experience. Simon's Quest even sports multiple endings, which of course involve more glimpses into an eerie twilit sky. Mountains, creepy trees and an ominous crimson atmosphere may spell doom for Simon, but they make this ending one of the more poignant entries.

Bottom - Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
The third Castlevania brings the series back to its roots while retaining a bit of the open-endedness found in Simon's Quest. Gone is the traversable overworld, which is now replaced by linear levels with multiple exits. In the end though, you're still gonna watch the damn castle be all spooky against a blazing sunset. If only Trevor knew how many more the Belmont clan will have to watch before it's all said and done.

Well there you have it - 18 8-bit sunsets. If you know any more or wish to fondly recall/bitch about these questionable classics, we suggest you hit ourforumsand share away. Got one on your mind but can't place it? We recommendVG Museum once again, as it helped clear the cobwebs from our nostalgic minds.