8-Bit Sunset

Upper left - Adventure Island 2
Anyone remember Master Higgins? No? Then get your adventure-starved ass to a pawn shop or something and check out this long-lost franchise. They're essentially all the same game, right down to the final moment of bliss shared between the overweight protagonist and whatever girl he's decided to save. The second game throws this image out...

Upper right - Adventure Island 3
...while the third selects the (approximately) same image. Those volcanoes are still erupting! Stop sitting around trying to cop a feel and get out of there! The only difference of note here is the fact that Higgins and his woman are facing you, readily showing their appreciation for sticking through three identical games.

Bottom - Power Blade
Here's another franchise that came and went so fast even a Nintendo Power cover story couldn't save it. After hustling through level after predictably designed level, you and your bionic boomerang get to take a rest and gaze out at a futuristic cityscape. But wait... there is no sun, no mountains are visible, no ocean, no babe attached to the arm... it's like they knew the ending had to involve a contemplative scene but tried to go all renegade about it. At least Mr. Boomerang is thankful for your help, otherwise this'd be a total waste.