8-Bit Sunset

Upper left - Zen: Intergalactic Ninja
Who the what? Even hardcore comic nerds will have a hard time recalling any fond memories of eco-minded Zen, a ninja bent on saving the world from sludgy madmen (isn't that Captain Planet's job?). Once the big baddie is exterminated, however, it's time to kick back and think about the future. Lord Contaminous has indeed been beaten, and now we must enjoy the violet hues of an implied sunset.

Upper right - Frankenstein: The Monster Returns
After putting that patchwork abomination back into his grave, you get the girl and contemplate existence by gazing at right-angled mountains and a sky that looks like its ink cartridge is running out of juice. It would seem, from this ending screen, that killing Frankenstein's monster also turns you and your girlfriend into jade statues. Maybe next time you'll ask questions before killing everything in the room.

Bottom - Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus
When you're a kid, the two coolest things in the world are dinosaurs and robots. Mix them together and you get the Dinobots, the most mind-blowing creation that ever existed, period. But since there were no NES games about the Transformers, we settled for the depressing Dynowarz and dealt with it. After trudging through another craptacular pile of nonsense, we... ugh, stare at purple mountains. But hey! We just finished another great game from Bandai!