8-Bit Sunset

Upper left - Jackal
When you spend an entire game playing as a ferocious jeep tearing ass through Vietnam, it's possible you'd actually care what happens to said jeep once the final enemy has been run down. Well, even if the jeep doesn't care about human pleasures such as watching a sunset, its drivers are dead set on enjoying our beloved star's waning moments. So that means the jeep gets to watch the sun go down too. And by extension, since we were the jeep, we're gonna have to watch it with them. Good job boys, now do something about that blood-red ocean. Wait... is that dude smoking?

Upper right - S.C.A.T.
Yes, there is a game called S.C.A.T. It allegedly stands for Special Cybernetic Attack Team, but it's more likely the title began as a small dare in an office somewhere and exploded into a full-blown NES release. After god knows how many retries and cuss words, we get to see... the sun go down. Oh and the president is waiting for you. The president is waiting for scat.

Bottom - Rush'n Attack
Anyone else miss the Cold War? Back in those days you could make entire games about a still-touchy confrontation between two countries and get away with it, all by simply changing Russian to "Rush'n." Sure the developers can claim the name refers to the constant waves of enemies and the "rush" to defeat them all, but we know better. The final moment is so hectic that our hero can't even enjoy the sunset - he's too busy running away from all those Soviet soldiers he just bombed. Peace has arrived at last... now get the hell out of there!