8 awkward first dates with video game characters

Date four: Cammy (Street Fighter series) 

"I've got to ask," I said, as we walked towards the ice-staking rink, "what are those marks on your legs?"

"They're camouflage."

"Right, but, are they? I mean, I can still see your legs."

"It breaks up the outline. When I'm in combat, you know."

"But you wear that red hat. Surely the red hat shows up, even with your legs all... disguised like that."

"Look, you're being pretty confrontational about this. I'm starting to have second thoughts about you."

I apologised; I was pushing the issue too hard. We collected our skates and made our way to the ice; it was hard-going for me, but Cammy's grace and balance honed over her many years as a Street Fighter served her well. Her teeth chattered as she helped me up for the fourth time.

"Are you cold?" I asked.

"A little."

"We could... find you some trousers, maybe?"

"I don't wear trousers."

"But they'd be warmer. And offer better camouflage."

"This again?"

"I'm just saying that they're better in every way! You'll note that every military the world over wears trousers, and for some reason you're doing all your fighting in a leotard!"

"What's this really about? Eh?" She thrust a red-gloved hand against my chest.


"You know what? This date is over. Why don't you call Chun Li next time, eh?"

"She was BUSY," I spat, as she skated away.

Next up... Citra, from Far Cry 3