7 things we want to see in the Transformers 2 trailer

Michael Bay has announced that we won't be seeing a Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen trailer until February. Good. That gives him plenty of time to read our demands and edit together the perfect Transformers 2 internet ad for us. 

Want to join in? Comment below and tell us what you want to see.

We want a Fallen money shot.

The Fallen – essentially a Transformers Terminator (as opposed to the Terminator Transformer, which you can see in our exclusive Terminator Salvation Trailer Breakdown ) – is pretty important. His name's in the title and everything.

We want to see him appear in all his robo-demonic glory in February’s trailer. Even if it’s just his eyes glowing in some shadows or something.

We want to know what bits will appear in IMAX.

We don’t care how you do it – maybe flash a little IMAX symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen – but we want to know what we’re going to see massive at our local IMAX.

We could guess what bits we were going to see big during The Dark Knight trailer – you can go one better and tell us.

We want to see Megan Fox being sexy.

If these bikini shots are to be believed, Megan Fox is one of the sexiest women on the planet. We want to be reminded of this fact as often as possible when the trailer’s revealed.

She fixed a car in a crop-top in Transformers – maybe she could repair a bike in her bra in Transformers 2?


We want Soundwave, Soundwave, Soundwave.

Yeah, there are other new Transformers in Revenge Of The Fallen – including the first girl-bot, Arcee – but the only one we care about is Soundwave. And we want to see him, even if the rumour that he transforms into a satellite (huh?) and not an ‘80s tape-deck, are true.

We want to see Megatron transforming into a tank.

If we had only one complaint about Transformers, it was that Megatron transformed into a fighter jet, and not a gun.

We’re not going to go into all the reasons now - you know, like the fact that transforming into a gun not only separated Megatron from his fiercest rival Starscream, it also meant that he had to rely on his whiny mate if he ever wanted to fire bullets – but it was a rubbish idea.

A tank still isn’t a gun, but it’s a hell of a lot cooler than a fighter jet. Now there’s a sentence we didn’t expect to be writing today.

We want to laugh at Rainn Wilson.

If you’ve seen the American Office, you know that Rainn Wilson can bring the funny (he plays their version of Gareth) – we want to see at least one killer trailer line delivery out of the gob of TV’s coolest geek.

Optimus Prime scraping the flames off his arms.

Come on, Bay. Do it for the fans.



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