6 Sexy Geek Girls On Trial

They've got the glasses. Have they got the knowledge?

Geek boys have been a Hollywood staple for as long as we've been gawping at cinema screens. From Charlie Chaplin to Seth Rogen, Hollywood loves an awkward loser.

But geek girls have been a relatively untapped market. It seems that every other flick these days features at least one tech-expert, fat best mate, or cool nerd... whereas we reckon less than one in ten puts a geeky girl character front and centre.

And even when the roles come up, we don't get to see actual nerds take the parts - producers preferring to stick a pair of glasses on a sneering actress, hoping that no-one notices.

But Fanboys might be about to change all that. Kristen Bell is a definite dork. She loves Comic-Con and seems to pick her roles based almost entirely on their potential to inspire internet devotion.

If it's a hit, maybe Hollywood will start to look beyond the beaches for new talent, hitting the libraries instead.

But what about some of the other geek characters from days past? Were they the real deal, or fangirls in disguise? totalfilm.com investigates...


Hermione - Emma Watson (the Harry Potter movies)

The Verdict: Cleverer than school ? She's a geek all right. Even if she does look good in a leather catsuit.

Acid Burn - Angeline Jolie (Hackers )

The Character: The queen of the Hacker nerds, Jolie's Acid Burn was the internet geek girl of a generation.

The Actress: "As Brad knows, he's in the audience, I really don't know how to turn on a computer."

The Verdict:
Geek imposter! Someone take away her Mac book!

The Actress:
"She's always using crazy gadgets (on Veronica Mars) that I have no idea where her character gets the money for - and she carries a taser. I'm not sure if that's geeky or gangsta, but still. She's also always outfiting iPod shuffles and little tiny things with minuscule cameras. If that's realistic, you'd have to be really geeky to know how to do that."

The Verdict: She's the reason we wrote this article. In fact, we only included this entry so we could publish another Leia bikini shot. Yep, we're geeks too.

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