5 minigames that are better than full-price games

Above: It may be old but Metal Gear's classic stealth and puzzling wins every time

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence | Konami | PS2 | 2006

Lose hours to… Metal Gear
The first game in this epic stealth-action series is a winning bonus to the already brilliant package of Subsistence, and is available from the outset at that.

Sneaking through the 2D levels and marvelling at how dumb the guards are as you walk just feet from their turned back is a great retro tonic, and not one that gets boring easily. The gameplay may be simplistic by today's standards but puzzling your way to the right doors while avoiding detection in Solid Snake's first outing can be surprisingly, well, puzzling.

Playing through Metal Gear is a great chance to see just how and why the iconic series grew to what it is today, mixing just the right amount of what-the-hell-do-I-do-next frustration with eureka moments. Don't pass it up.

Forget about… Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines
One of the similarities Pilot Down has with Metal Gear is the stupidity of the guards, but need we remind you that, with a 2005 release, Pilot Down has had almost 20 years of stealth-action experience to draw from since MG's debut. The scenery is bland; the gameplay is far from ambitious; and sometimes the guards don't even realise they're being shot. Just don’t.



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