5 minigames that are better than full-price games

Above: Pumping Resident Evil 4's villagers full of lead is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon

Resident Evil 4 | Capcom | GameCube, PS2, PC | 2005, 2007

Lose hours to… The Mercenaries
Running around, gunning parasitically-controlled humans and praying for your life - what better way to spend a day? The Mercenaries' against-the-clock gameplay requires both skill and perseverance to outwit the clever AI and is a great chance to play out your favourite locations from the main game again.

You’ll get the chance to get in on this adrenaline-pumping action after completing the main game and, with access to five characters and the prospect of getting your mitts on the Handcannon, The Mercenaries is a welcome addition to the game.

But it'll be the thrill of constantly upping your kill score that'll keep you coming back, and when that means finding ever more inventive ways to rack up your chain kills, like luring a group of Los Ganados to an explosive barrel and lobbing in a grenade, your grin will be fixed for hours.    

Forget about… Resident Evil Dead Aim
Although Dead Aim does well to successfully capture some of the familiar Resi game mechanics with green herbs and the odd bit of puzzling, the dodgy controls and slow camera make it hard to take this light gun shooter-cum-action adventure too seriously. Real action is sporadic and, although it may aim to build tension in this way, it often comes across as unbalanced and even a little boring.

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