5 minigames that are better than full-price games

Above: We reckon Goldmember's costume designer had been playing Tekken Bowl in their lunch break

Tekken Tag Tournament, 4, 5 and Dark Resurrection | Sony | PS2, PSP | 2000-2006

Lose hours to… Tekken Bowl
Where The Warriors gives you a break from fighting with more fighting, Tekken takes you down a whole new route in Tekken Bowl. This neat bowling minigame lets you choose from the full cast of characters who require varying degrees of skill to get the perfect line into the pins.

And the skill element is what makes Tekken Bowl so satisfying. You really feel like you can take time to learn this game and put in work to really perfect it. It's not just a throw-away extra added to boost the blurb on the back of the box - this minigame has been well thought out and lovingly executed.

The kitsch '70s disco vibe of some versions is kinda neat, too - well it's certainly a change from the usual option of endless beige lanes filling your peripheral vision - and comes with any uncanny Beyoncé-as-Foxxy-Cleopatra look-alike.

Forget about… AMF Xtreme Bowling
We're not quite sure where the 'Xtreme ' part of the title came from as this dull-looking fairly standard bowling sim certainly doesn't offer anything new. And while there are plenty of options to tweak your throw, they don't actually seem to do anything - just toss your ball the same way each time and you're pretty much guaranteed a strike.


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