5 minigames that are better than full-price games

Above: Even as a simple side-scroller, Armies of the Night always whoops SOE 's ass

The Warriors | Rockstar | PS2, PSP | 2005/2007

Lose hours to… Armies of the Night
An in-game arcade machine offers up this addictive 2D minigame with the pure side-scrolling beat-'em-up gameplay hooking you in quickly and holding you easily with its lemme-just-take-out-one-last-thug simplicity.

Despite the main Warriors game involving non-stop gang-on-gang thuggary, taking time out to bash your way through NYC's neighbourhoods, beating up on any rival gang members as you go, is a surprisingly satisfying break from the game. And while you work your way through simple versions of the fighting moves you've already learned from the main game, your limited time allowance is topped up each time you waste a rival or three.

This retro-style classic is a real bonus and if you've picked up the PSP version of the game you'll be lucky enough to have access to it almost straight away, rather than having to complete the main game to unlock it, as in the PS2 version.        

Forget about… State of Emergency
At first glance this all-out fighter may look promising with its wide-open world and multitude of enemies to decapitate, but its problem is repetition. Where Armies of the Night leads you through a simple-but-fun game line, State of Emergency offers you so much choice you don’t quite know what to do. Until you realize the only choice is punch, maim, kill, repeat.


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