5 failed attempts at motion controls and 3D gaming

We compare past failures against their modern (and successful) descendants

Seems like we can%26rsquo;t go more than a week without someone bringing up 3D games, 3D TVs or the Nintendo 3DS. And just when we were about to move on from the %26ldquo;whoa motion controls!%26rdquo; days, Microsoft and Sony decide to trot out their waggle-ready tech just as the Wii fervor was dying down. Normally we%26rsquo;d tolerate repeated use of modern buzzwords, but that%26rsquo;s just it %26ndash; these aren%26rsquo;t modern buzzwords at all.

Just about all of the industry%26rsquo;s current innovations are polished failures of gaming%26rsquo;s dark past. Publishers and developers can throw as much glitter as they want at their latest gadgets and gizmos, but we can smell an old turd from a mile away, and need to won over if we%26rsquo;re going to embrace that bad idea all over again.

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