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  • Faster Start

    Using the default controller setup press R + A as the word GO appears before the race
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  • Get 2nd Try at Jackpot Bonus

    Simply finish using championship mode and save the game. If you don't win the bonus just reload your game and try again
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  • More Tracks for Outdoor Arcade Mode

    Get the Iceland, Norway, Scandinavia, Jordan, Sunset Greece, Atlas, Alps and Canadian Rain tracks by finishing outdoor mode
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  • More Tracks for Championship Mode

    Get the Iceland Snow, Norway Night, Scandinavia Storm, Corsica Raining, Atlas Sandstorm, and Far West Night tracks by finishing championship mode
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  • More Tracks for Indoor Arcade Mode

    More Tracks for Indoor Arcade Mode
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  • All Cars

    At the beginning where it says 'press start' press the left trigger, X and start. This should take you to the main menu. Then highlight the option button and press X and A
    When in the option menu press Y and B. This will get you cars!
    Submitted by ludders75
  • Get Full Pause Screen

    Simply press X + Y after pausing
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