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3D Ultra Mini Golf Cheats, Codes & Guides

3D Ultra Mini Golf Cheats

  • Holes in one on various holes.

    On the graveyard hole, to get a hole in one hit the ball against the grave stone on the left side of the house.The ball should hit the grave and go into the house.Then a ghost will fly out the back of the house and drop the ball into the hole.
    On the lighthouse hole hit the ball towards the seagull.It should pick it up and drop it in the hole.
    On the jungle ruins hole hit the ball towards the bird at the side of the water.It should pick it up, fly over to the pyramid and drop the ball into the hole.
    On the bugs hole hit the ball into the anthill.The ants should then through the ball into the hole.
    On the abominable snowman hole hit the ball into the middle tunnel.It should go into the hole
    Submitted by Alexander Anderson
  • Holes in one on various holes.

    On the Dinosaurs hole, you can hit the ball over BOTH hills, and you can possibly land on the island with the hole on it. Be patient. This move requires practice and repitition
    (note: right past the Brachiosaurus you will find a cave. Hit the ball in there and a caveman will come and whack the ball with his club. This might fail to get in the hole and may even go into the water, but when I did this it hit the hole but failed to come in).

    On the Volcano hole, hit the volcano closest to you on the first shot. It will the erupt and your ball will go flying to the other side of the course. This comes in very handy and has the same effect as the Lava Tube, but with much more force.
    On the Future City hole, if you miss the first forcefield, be sure you don't fall off the ledge, because their is a "little bridge"(hence the big shoe}. Go across the bridge (this might take a few shots) and Fini!
    You are right on top of the building, where the hole now stands.
    The next cheat will take place at Abominable Snowman hole (this really isn't a cheat). Instead of the normal Ice Tunnel, you have got two other caves. The one on the right is a polar bear's home. He will throw the ball back to the tee. The one on the left (I'll bet you've all been waiting for this) the Abominable Snowman's home, in which he will exit the cave, rubbing a very ugly bump on his head made by the ball. He will then somehow send it to an outdoor hallway, in which it's a better idea not to take the penguin, but there is a cave near the penguin which will take you to the hole. (note: I think they made a mistake, because polar bears are strictly an Arctic species, and penguins strictly Antarctic).
    Submitted by Alexander Anderson

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