30 Sexiest Angelina Jolie Moments

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Moment: Angie might have scooped a Golden Globe for her performance in Gia (1998), but what that film will always best be remembered for is her numerous rolls in the hay with co-star Elizabeth Mitchell. People are fickle like that.

The Sexy: The scene involving the chain-link fence is probably the most downright saucy. Lucky old fence…

If It Was Frumpy: Poor Ange would get her knitted cardigan caught in one of the links and spend the next half an hour tutting as she attempts to untangle it.

Splish Splash

The Moment: Angie steams things up every time she’s onscreen in Wanted (2008), but never more so than when she steps out of the bath and sashays off in just a towel. James McAvoy is left understandably open-mouthed.

The Sexy: Take your pick from her briefly-seen bum, the flirty look over her shoulder or her array of badass tattoos… all of them are sexy as hell!

If It Was Frumpy: Having her haul herself out of a walk-in bath would lessen the impact somewhat…

Horsing Around

The Moment: A 2001 photoshoot with Dave LaChapelle, in which Angie stars with a horse in a series of ever-more erotic poses. The above example of interspecial nuzzling has to be seen to be believed!

The Sexy: These snaps tread a fine line between sexy and troubling, but just about land on the right side thanks to Jolie’s wild-child persona.

If It Was Frumpy:
She’d be fully covered up in riding gear. Although on second thoughts…

Gentleman Caller

The Moment: Ethan Hawke arrives at Angie’s door in erotic thriller Taking Lives (2004), undressing her without a word before proceeding to the naughty stuff. It’s like something from The Red Shoe Diaries !

The Sexy: They do it surrounded by crime scene photos. Who doesn’t find that hot?

If It Was Frumpy: There would be a lot more fuss removing various layers, tights, socks, etc. As it is, her clothes just kind of fall off!

Stone Me!

The Moment: Angie is enlisted by crinkly rockers The Rolling Stones to play a stripper in the video for their 1997 single Anyone Seen My Baby? Naturally, she steals the show.

The Sexy: Standing next to Mick Jagger, a paving slab could look attractive, so when Angelina Jolie is the co-star in question… well let’s just say it’s a winning piece of casting.

If It Was Frumpy:
Marianne Faithfull would have bagged the role. Sorry Marianne.

Home Wrecker: Part 1

The Moment: Air traffic control drama Pushing Tin (1999) isn’t memorable for much, but Angie’s turn as frustrated housewife Mary certainly stands out, particularly when she seduces John Cusack into a spot of mutual infidelity…

The Sexy: She’s got the femme fatale thing down pat here, and poor old John is helpless to resist. Who can blame him?

If It Was Frumpy:
Ange would leap out of bed halfway through having remembered she left some scones in the oven.

Home Wrecker: Part 2

The Moment: Brad and Angie set about tearing strips off each other at the climax of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) before channelling all that aggression into a particularly energetic bout of lovemaking. Phew!

The Sexy: Their passion is, shall we say, “believable”. We can only hope Jennifer Aniston has never sat through this in its entirety.

If It Was Frumpy: The session would be brought to an abrupt halt as soon as the first ornament was smashed.

Fruity Number

The Moment: Who would have thought that a picture of a girl eating a strawberry could become so iconic? This early photo-shoot would go on to become the go-to snap for editors everywhere… well, it is pretty hot, isn’t it?

The Sexy: As you can see, it’s all about the lips here. Angie’s most famous assets have never looked better.

If It Was Frumpy:
Substitute the strawberry for a potato. It’s not quite the same, is it?

Tit For Tatt

The Moment: Jolie plays teen tearaway Legs in coming-of-age crime caper Foxfire (1996), and nowhere is her bad-girl allure more evident than when she tattoos herself (on her chest, naturally) at an all-girl get-together.

The Sexy: Apart from the obvious (she’s, er, topless), it’s the pervading sense of teen rebellion that’s most bewitching here. She could be trouble, this one!

If It Was Frumpy: She’d be sporting a fading blue anchor on one of her fleshy, drooping arms.

Here's To You, Mrs Grendel

The Moment: When Grendel’s dear old mum attempts to seduce burly Ray Winstone in Beowulf (2007). Will they get it on? Bet in play… now!

The Sexy: Computer-generated it might be, but there’s no getting away from the fact that Angie’s not wearing any clothes… at all. Plus she has a rather slinky tail, which is the one area we’ve always thought she could improve upon.

If It Was Frumpy: She’d hop back out of the water before muttering, “I’ll wait ‘til it warms up a bit”.


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