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Alone in the Dark | Eden Games
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

We reckon...
The newest info suggests Alone in the Dark boasts some super-deep physics gameplay. For example - take screwdriver, make hole in car fuel tank, drive car, jump out of car, light trail of fuel, make car go boom-boom. If you take the facts at face value, AitD promises some truly eye-twisting feats. We first saw Alone in the Dark nearly two years ago, and our most recent eyes-on suggested that the only problem the game might have is an overwhelming ambition.

Certainly the 'real' fire physics (items will catch and burn, and can be used as weapons or torches), incredible interactivity (like the aforementioned car bomb) and crazy unique controls, mapping movement to one stick and your arms to the other, seem to hint at a development team that just can't stop coming up with good ideas. Which is fine. If it works.

But will it sell?
The Alone in the Dark brand is distinguished, but that means nothing to 'the kids' with the cash, who probably don't even know the series predates Resident Evil.

Knee-jerk verdict
A suitably spooky atmosphere is ably conjured by Alone in the Dark, but with so many demanding elements in one package we foresee an adventure in flawed genius. 7/10

Note: Please remember that these these 'reviews' are merely lighthearted scores based on nothing but our own arrogant prejudice and opinonated ego. Duh. We will review the game fully when it is released.

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