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InFamous | Sucker Punch
PlayStation 3

We reckon...
So far, all we've got is the sombre trailer used to reveal this Sony published game at last year's E3, but a close watch reveals plenty of pointers. There's the Psi-Ops style telekinesis action, which is always a thrill with the right controls. The Crackdown-esque jumpy-jumpy climby high buildings lark.

And there's a suggestion that the game will offer two paths of action - "Save what's left or destroy it all". We loved Crackdown's flexible gameplay, and if InFamous can match that action while ensuring the plot avoids becoming too po-faced, it'll be a brilliant exclusive for PS3.

But will it sell?
Crackdown's success has laid the foundations for this sort of romp, and it certainly won't hurt that InFamous is PS3 only. A better than average hit, we'd wager.

Knee-jerk verdict
Even the already overwrought and try-hard plot can't mask the clearly fun and satisfying action that will lie beneath InFamous' inevitable narrative nonsense. 9/10

Note: Please remember that these these 'reviews' are merely lighthearted scores based on nothing but our own arrogant prejudice and opinonated ego. Duh. We will review the game fully when it is released.


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