2007's worst kept gaming secrets

Future leaks? Or are we just guessing?

So what of the coming annum? While the very nature of this subject means a lot of uncertainty, with the games industry now so damn busy and so many big games from this year now in need of sequels, we're going to be seeing a lot more of this sort of thing going on. It's too early for the heavy 2008 speculation to start up yet, but there are a few little seeds of stories that might bloom into beautiful big juicy rumours some time next year.

Don't be surprised if something from Gears Of War 2 gets leaked. Cliffy B let slip at this year's GDC that that game is on the way. Epic's Mark Rein has since downplayed things and neither Epic nor MS has confirmed anything officially, but news on this one has to be coming soon. Halo 4 info may squeeze out too. While of course there is absolutely nothing to suggest a new Halo game is on the way from Bungie or anyone else, Halo 3's ending on Legendary difficulty rounded off with Master Chief floating towards a new planet. It was a small addition to the main ending, but that made it all the more significant. Fanboys are already chomping at the bit over what it could mean.

Sticking with FPS, we may get confirmation that Haze is coming to the 360. The destination of that game has been a very complicated story indeed, with developer Free Radical proclaiming a staggered multi-format release at some point and Ubisoft still denying it. If it's being made though, we're inclined to believe the guys who'd be making it.

Look out for something on a new SSX game too. We ran a story last week  detailing what we think may be a new hint from EA hidden in Burnout Paradise. A brand new SSX would be timely after SSX Blur turned out to use a lot of recycled material, and could be an absolute killer title with new-gen tech.

There are also a couple of long-shots that while much less likely to break in 2008, would be fantastic news if they did. Wii owners, listen up. In 2006 Reggie was quite open about wanting Rockstar to develop mature content for the Wii. We obviously know all about the mess Manhunt 2 has got into, but the Wii user base is still more than big enough for the right game to be profitable. Take 2 has said this year that it's fully commited to developing Wii games, and given that a big hit would do Rockstar a lot of good following the Manhunt 2 problems and the GTA IV delay, maybe we could see a quick to develop Wii edition of the car crime simulator pop up at some point. It's certainly Rockstar's most ported series.

And finally a December 2006 issue of Game Informer ran a story springing from one of those good old 'reliable sources' that a full new-gen Zelda is well underway for the Wii. That would actually make a lot of sense given that as good as it was, Twilight Princess was still an enhanced GC game. In truth, the Wii hasn't had its Zelda game yet, and with Mario already out, an appearance from Link might be due before too long. There is immense potential for a brand new Zelda game designed for the Wii from the ground up in the same way that Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3. If the Game Informer story was true, then a 2006 start might bode very well for something being showable in 2008.

Watch this space people, watch this space. And remember, don't believe everything you read on a forum. Though we know you'll want to.