2006: The year that...

April: The month that...

Bethesda's barding took a battering
Bethesda's first extra bit of content - some horse armour for £1.50 - for its humungous adventure RPG, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, sent gamers' gaskets skywards in a hiss of steaming consumer rage and sparked one of the year's most mental forum furores. Unperturbed, Bethesda continued to box up more content for purchase and by the time rumours of PS3 and PSP versions of Oblivion had surfaced everybody had forgotten what all the fuss was about.

Cheap was good but expensive was better
Nintendo suit George Harrison's promise that Revolution would be cheap as chips was met with elated whoops from fans in row N, while Sony bigwig George Fornay had a harder time convincing everyone that PS3 would be a bona fide bargain no matter where the final cost of the machine fell within its estimated £350-£700 price bracket. It was also reported that Sony's deal of the year was on target for its global launch.

Above: April Fool's Day never fails to deliver some classic (tedious) moments of internet comedy (simply not funny) gold (shit)

April Fool's was not funny (again)
We nearly forgot that it was April Fool's Day and almost fell for some really quality gags last year. The excellent GTA Chicago wind-up was a blast, the 100GB 360 leg puller was an absolute hoot and we're still stitching our sides after the classic Final Fantasy Forever whoopee cushion. We really cannot wait to see how we're going to be duped this year. Gaming sites and April Fool's Day japery really is a winning combination.

Wii was on everyone's lips
Nintendo finally ditched the codename Revolution and adopted the official title of Wii for its new console. Accompanying the minimalist moniker was a load of nonsense PR agency babble explaining the inner meaning of Wii ("Wii represents the answer"). As ever, forumites had quite a lot to say about the subject and, for the record, no matter how much we love Nintendo's console, we still think Wii is a bloody ridiculous name.


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