2006: The year that...

September: The month that...

PS3 got delayed (again)
Just days after launching a fancypants website using the slogan "This is Living," complete with 17 November release date, Sony was forced to backtrack on five months of assurances and promises and admit it wasn't going to hit its Euro release date, moving it back to March 2007. Well, were you surprised?

And Wii got dated for European launch...
At a successful UK press conference presented by Gaby 'Can you really get me interested in gaming?' Logan, Nintendo confidently announced a firm European release date of 8 December in the UK. And you know what? Nobody ever doubted it.

Above: The intense pressure piled on Rockstar by misinformed moral crusaders led Bully to be rebranded - but only in Europe

Bully became Canis Canem Edit
In an uncharacteristic about-turn, Rockstar decided to change the inflammatory name of its schoolboy sim from Bully to the strangely obscure Canis Canem Edit. Surely the English translation Dog Eat Dog was a better name? In fact, anything would have been better. Was this Rockstar caving in to pressure after major retailers refused to stock the game and anti-bullying campaigners threatened to kick their doors in?

Uwe Boll smashed some bloke's head in
The illustrious director of such B-movie genre pieces as House of the Dead, BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark was so incensed by internet name-calling, he challenged three of his heaviest critics to a boxing match to resolve their differences. His problem was that most people who mocked his videogame-derived movies had never even seen them. Their problem was that he could actually box. Note to Boll: we love your films! Please make more!


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