20 best iPhone games of 2009

Still doubt the power and potential of mobile gaming? Allow one of these gems to change your mind

iPhone was once a gaming platform suitable only for the extremely casual or the extremely bored. Not after last year. The landscape of the iPhone has changed dramatically over the past twelve months, with gameplay evolving, narratives maturing and technological leaps constantly surprising us with what the smartphone is capable of producing.

These 20 games are the best %26ndash; as well as the most fun and most addictive %26ndash; examples of that improvement. And with Apple finally unveiling their long-rumored, much-discussed tablet device tomorrow, these are also the 20 games we%26rsquo;d most like to see upgraded and enhanced for that new format. If you still doubt the power and potential of mobile gaming, allow one of these to change your mind.

Editor%26rsquo;s note: This is the first in a week%26rsquo;s worth of Apple-related features. We%26rsquo;ll be live-blogging the conference tomorrow and reacting to the expected tablet announcement from a hardcore gamer%26rsquo;s point of view. Will this thing actually change our hobby in any real, meaningful way? Should you even be paying attention? We intend to find out, and of course, let you know.


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