1C Roundup - nine new games previewed

Rig n Roll: Don't you hate it when you're stuck in the fast lane behind a big rig that's driving slower than your grandma? Now's your chance to be that guy! Only instead of safely puttering away at 55 mph, you'll have to put the pedal to the metal to make your big rig deliveries on time for big cash. Soon, your childhood fondness for big trucks and modern day obsession with business sims will make love and give birth to Rig n Roll, where you'll command your own fleet of 18-wheelers as you build an unstoppable empire of surly deliverers.

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Fantasy Wars: Think Warcraft meets Battlechess, and you'll have a fairly good idea of what this turn-based fantasy strategy title is all about. Humans, elves, and orcs will do battle as you navigate units across the game's hex-grid maps. The game won't wow you with cutting edge visuals, but its back to basics gameplay and fresh high-fantasy character designs may be enough to make it a worthwhile adventure.

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XIII Century: Death or Glory: You won't construct units or harvest resources in this real-time strategy title. Instead, you'll be focused on commanding a preset amount of forces to conquer your foe in a set of historically based battles. Without as much to worry about on the micro-management front, you'll be able to concentrate on directing your troops and most importantly, using the flexible camera system to watch waves of medieval minions clash.

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