12 weirdest fighting games ever

MUGEN - 1999

MUGEN isn’t a game per se, but rather a completely customizable fighting engine that enables internet modders to create fan mash-up games by using hacked sprite-text files from ROMs of other games. Basically, a community of people with way more time than any of us have are able to create some fancy-pants projects that will finally enable us to see if Sakura from Street Fighter can kick Wario’s ass.

Of course, because of legality issues, these are not official works. So, don’t expect to get a properly balanced game if you’re able to track one down. These projects are more to satisfy your curiosity that other ultimate fighters like Smash Bros. or Marvel vs. Capcom 2 couldn’t. Just Googling MUGEN will bring up downloads and a slew of community sites filled with forums about customization and hacking. Head here to get a copy of MUGEN for yourself. Beyond that, we’re not sure how to go about installing everything. We’re sure you can find out with the trusty internet.

Because we couldn’t really find any games per se, besides the awesomely ambitious Card Sagas Wars, here are a few of our favorite YouTube videos. Enjoy!



Apr 1, 2008


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