12 weirdest fighting games ever

Asuka 120% Final BURNING Fest. - 1999

At first glance, nothing is particularly out of the ordinary in BURNING Fest… until you notice that every single playable character is a teenage girl. Otherwise known as “Young Socialite High School Girl Exclamation Crisis,” BURNING Fest throws a bunch of adolescents together to raise money for a bake sale… or something. We can’t take this “gal fighter” seriously in concept, not just because there’s a complete lack of freakish muscled men fighting for supreme dominance, but because high school girls are the least imposing fighters on the planet, ever. 

In all seriousness, Asuka has a strong following, as the series is actually pretty damn fun. Developer Fill-in-Cafe made sure each sequel was properly balanced by expanding on the game, without losing sight of the game’s accessibility. Much like Smash Bros, the later entries in the series utilize two attack buttons, but contain anything but shallow gameplay. For example, attacks can be “striking” or “passive” (which is more like a defensive move), and even the specials are easy to input. The last sequel came out on the original PlayStation, so you may have to do some detective work before you can import.

Battle Raper - 2002

Did somebody say forced fellatio? No, nobody did. Ever. Already featured in our Top 7 Most Evil Games. Battle Raper is a Japanese-only PC porn game that lets you pick from a small selection of female Japanese fighters and clumsily square off, occasionally knocking strips of clothing off your opponent. Eventually, you’ll be “rewarded” with a fully naked, somewhat realistic 3D dainty brawler with glossy skin and more purple in her hair than a confused goth adolescent.

That’s when the weeping begins. Seriously. Never mind the somewhat graphic molestation-grapple moves where you can rub an opponent’s chest for massive damage. There is the odd bit where the only male character in the game, Zenon (also the boss), brings the women to their knees and forces oral sex while they cry. Humiliation, rape and degradation are wrapped up in one package of shame, that’s not only a shitty fighting game, but a sick idea as well.


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