12 weirdest fighting games ever

Everyone knows Street Fighter II is the most influential fighting game on the planet. Released in 1991, the unparalleled mix of unique special moves and its colorful cast of World Warriors led to deep strategies and hard-fought bragging rights. Also: tons upon tons of copycats. Developers were wising up and knew creatively differentiating their game from the other pap was key to getting their lame-ass knockoffs into kid’s hands.

But this plague of horrible fighters didn’t end in the early ‘90s. Oh no, even in today’s era of neglected 2D fighters, near-lifelike 3D and the fancy pants internet, not only are we getting the bizarre and perverted, but even fan-made dream matchups like Luigi vs Ryu vs Peter Griffin vs Master Chief. We’ve found the most bizarre freak shows and are ready to share our pain. Read on for the strangest fighting games in existence.

Bikini Karate Babes - 2002

There’s weird and then there’s intentionally ridiculous, like Bikini Karate Babes, a self-explanatory exploitation fighter where your bikini-clad martial artist punches, kicks and gropes her way to the top. Much like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, Babes features 19 digitized “actresses” with names scraped from Greek mythology and American Gladiators, like Nemesis and Athena.

Besides the standard attacks, you’ll have a special grab button enabling you to perform a pre-taped grapple sequence where you can A) tickle your opponent into submission, B) bounce them away with your butt or C) wish you were playing a much better game. We say pre-taped, because no, that’s not exceptional collision detection you’re seeing. Developer Creative Edge Studios actually filmed every variant of every grapple with every model, meaning 342 different sequences were produced. That’s a lot of effort for a lump of shit.


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