102 Dalmations: Puppies to the Rescue Cheats, Codes & Guides

102 Dalmations: Puppies to the Rescue Cheats

  • Level Codes

    For Oddball:
    1-None Needed
    2-Hole, bone, bone, dice
    3-key, hole, dice, tank
    4-hole, bone, key, toy
    5-key, dice, paw, bone
    6-key, dice, toy, hole
    7-key, dice, tank, dog
    8-key, dice, dog, paw
    9-key, toy, key, key
    10-key, toy, key, hole
    11-key, toy, key, dog
    12-key, tank, hole, paw
    13-key, tank, paw, key
    14-key, tank, toy, dice
    15-key, tank, paw, tank
    16-key, tank, toy, paw
    17-dog, key, dice, bone
    Mini Games
    tank, dice, dice, dice
    tank, dice, dice, tank
    Submitted by None
  • Level Codes

    level 2:domino,bone,bone,domino(basement)
    level 3:domino,bone,key,dog head (inside machinery)
    level 4:domino,bone,domino,dog print (cafeteria)
    level 5:domino,bone,dog print,bone (baddum brothers)
    level 6:domino,bone,toy,dog bowl (shipping room)
    level 7:domino,bone,toy,tank (garage)
    level 8:domino,bone,dog print,toy (roof)
    level 9:domino,tank,domino,key (machine room)
    level 10:domino,tank,domino,dog bowl (generator room)
    level 11:domino,tank,dog bowl,tank (research room)
    level 12:domino,tank,dog bowl,toy (factory floor 2)
    level 13:domino,tank,dog print,key (freezer)
    level 14:domino,dog head,toy,domino (parent rescue)
    level 15:domino,dog head,toy,tank (sewers)
    level 16:domino,tank,toy,dog print (office)
    level 17:toy,bone,key,key (cruella)
    Submitted by Scruffy

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