101 Greatest Gaming Moments, Day Two

53 Burnout 2 - Boosting in Palm Bay Heights
It all comes together in the bubblegum-and-sunglare Americana of Palm Bay Heights; filling the last stretch of the boost meter, gunning up the hill into town then squeezing the trigger as a gold glow flashes across glass-fronted towers. The horizon pulls back, the sun bursts out, the jangling guitars kick in, and you rocket into oncoming traffic clinging to the centre line. Keep your finger welded to the boost and you can be halfway down the suburbs on the far side before gravity catches up.

52 Half-Life - Marine patrol
Gordon Freeman's first encounter with the marines sent to clean up the mess in Black Mesa - and leave no witnesses - isn't just a great gaming moment, but quicksave's finest hour. Before that squad of soldiers first fanned out across a warehouse - shouting your position to each other, flanking you, flushing you out with grenades - we didn't talk about AI in shooters.

When the smoke finally clears, leaving the area strewn with bullet casings and scorch marks, the first thing you want to do is reload and play it again.

51 Max Payne - Bullet time revolutions
Not the first game to use the made-famous-by-The Matrix slow-mo effect, but certainly the one that does it with the most carnage-creating gunplay pizzazz. And nowhere is bullet time more enjoyable than when Mr. Payne is surrounded by enemies.

Usually a certain-death scenario, bullet time makes it an opportunity for some thrilling balletic ballistics. Pirouetting at a snail's pace in mid-air with the dual-fisted Ingrams spitting out slugs and ripping through henchmen's fleshy bits like a hot poker through ice cream is a beautiful thing. And walking away from a room full of warm corpses is just the cherry on top.

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  • YourOldPalD - January 9, 2010 10:26 a.m.

    GLIAVEN! I'm the first to comment...woopidee doo. Who cares. Good article though. I agreed with a few, definetly the Marine patrol in Half Life, I did find myself reloading the first scene with soldiers, cause it was just so much fun :)

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