101 Greatest Gaming Moments, Day Two

61 Panzer Dragoon Zwei - The forest boss appears
Every boss in Team Andromeda's Saturn masterpiece looks great but the moment you clear the forest level and everything goes eerily quiet is just brilliant. You notice something appear on your radar behind you - and it's MASSIVE.

The blip rushes towards your dragon icon, over your head and then a giant insect-like monster crashes from the canopy and screams at you. When it starts pounding the ground with its mandibles, the berserk button is very welcome indeed. Stunning.

60 LocoRoco - Singing to the sun
It's impossible to be unhappy while wearing a poncho, just like it's impossible to be unhappy while playing this wonderful game. You start each level as one bouncing LocoRoco but as you collect more you slowly grow bigger, constantly singing and spreading joy as you go.

However, split the Locos back down to individuals again and they will join together in harmonious song. It's a tune that really has to be heard to be believed. Listen to it and we guarantee it'll brighten up even the dullest of days.

59 Dead Rising - Al Fresca Plaza
Yes, the maintenance tunnel is amazing for the sheer number of zombies shambling about waiting to become road kill, but it was shaded by our first shopping spree - and the subsequent slaughter fest - in the brilliant Al Fresca Plaza.

Like corpses in a coffin shop, you're utterly spoilt for choice with a delightfully macabre - and readily available - selection of makeshift weapons. Hedge trimmer (snip off legs!), sledgehammer (smash in skulls!), chainsaw (dismember!), dumbbell (mash brains), scythe (decapitate!), sub-machine gun (mow those moldy suckers down!)...

It's a wonderland of walking worm-food slaughter that just keeps on giving.