101 Greatest Gaming Moments, Day Two

65 Yakuza - Chapter 10 rumble
Yakuza's heart-of-gold, fists-of-steel hero really goes to town in Chapter 10 - a running battle up an abandoned building that absolutely refuses to let you stop for breath. By the time you reach the final rooftop you've cracked chairs, tables, bottles and golf clubs over dozens of thugs' heads, smashed others face-first into walls or thrown them over balconies, and simply knocked the lucky ones senseless. And all accompanied by the most funked-up soundtrack a beat-'em-up boom box has pumped out in years.

64 Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy - Mind control
When you're gifted with the power of mind control in this excellent game of psychic combat, it's as though someone has switched on an evil light in the shady side of your brain.

Hijacking the mind of a rooftop sniper, using him to assassinate his comrades on the ground and then making him commit suicide by leaping from his vantage point is pure genius, but watching him stare down both barrels of his own shotgun (which he's holding) before blowing his brains into the stratosphere is absolutely priceless. The perfect head shot and more fun than bending spoons any day.

63 Thief - The sword
Thief keeps you on edge by never really explaining its weird world, where magic meets machinery and the medieval. When you're given a job to steal a rich nobleman's sword, you think nothing of it - until you discover that his wild gardens, unsettlingly echoing with the buzzing of flies and giggling of girls, don't seem to stop outdoors.

The mansion gradually becomes a maze of wrong-way-up rooms and twisted corridors, ever darker and more overgrown, until you realise that something far more dangerous and supernatural is going on - and it's too late to go back.

62 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - TEC love
When TEC - the most perfect computer in the world - falls in love with Princess Peach, it's the beginning of one of gaming's most beautiful, star-crossed romances.

After sneaking a peek on security monitors at Peach taking a shower, TEC admits that he "OVERHEATED" and the hard-wired Romeo wrestles with his unprogrammed emotions ("WHAT IS LOVE? IT DOES NOT COMPUTE").

Despite Peach tickling TEC's algorithms ("COULD IT BE THAT THIS IS HOW FUN FEELS?"), the one-way love affair is doomed. As TEC's memory is erased by his nefarious masters, one final message blips across his screen: "PRINCESS PEACH...I...LOVE...YOU..." Pass the tissues. Sob.

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  • YourOldPalD - January 9, 2010 10:26 a.m.

    GLIAVEN! I'm the first to comment...woopidee doo. Who cares. Good article though. I agreed with a few, definetly the Marine patrol in Half Life, I did find myself reloading the first scene with soldiers, cause it was just so much fun :)

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