101 Greatest Gaming Moments, Day Three

45 Silent Hill 3 - Brookhaven Hospital
SH3's hospital visit is as bizarre and diseased as you'd expect from the series - but after escaping through its maintenance tunnels you discover you've somehow doubled back around into a hazy, buzzing fever-dream where the building's walls and floors itch and crawl.

And there's one last shock: take a breather in an almost-sane room with a full-length mirror and the room's reflection starts to run over with blood and blackness... and then spill out of the mirror into the real room, at which point you'll finally think to run.

Above: Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki is set on finding the man who killed his father. Just as soon as he's finished Space Harrier with one credit.

44 Prey - Planetoid in a box
It's a total head scramble when you first shoot a spiky-toothed alien and watch it fall up to the ceiling (which is actually the floor) in Prey. But when you duck through a portal and find yourself staring up the nostrils of an absolutely colossal hunter it's a fantastically disorienting, "what the...?" moment in a game that thrives on turning your mind upside down and inside out at nearly every turn.

The full bizarreness only becomes apparent, though, when you realize that you've been miniaturized and are actually standing on the surface of a model planetoid inside a display case. It's pure weirdness just for the sake for it.

43 Shenmue - Finding the arcade
Few games successfully create a believable virtual world and the benchmark set by Shenmue is still arguably unbeaten some five years on. The game's greatest moment has to be when you find the arcade in Yokosuka. Inside it, aside from some cool minigames, are virtual cabinets of Hang On and Space Harrier. Ryo puts in his money, takes the controls, then the arcade-perfect games run on your screen.

Once you're done (or have run out of yen), it's back to the 'real' world... which you realize isn't the real world at all - it's just Shenmue. Too cool for words.


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