101 Greatest Gaming Moments, Day One

75 New Super Mario Bros - "It's-a-me, Mario!"
Sometimes it's the little touches that muscle their way into your memory bank for permanent storage. And nobody does the little touches quite like Nintendo.

The moment you first close your DS mid-game and Mario pipes up with a chirpy "Bye-bye!" is enough to brighten up even the glummest of commutes. Then, of course, you're compelled to open the DS again, just to see... and, sure enough, the moustachioed mushroom gobbler mutters his eternal catchphrase, "It's-a-me, Mario." A smile-inducing example of Nintendo's magic touch.

74 Lumines - "Shake Ya Body"
When the soundtrack's thumping in your headphones and your eyes are gently sliding into PSP's swimming pool-sized screen, it's not hard to be hypnotized by light-and-sound puzzler Lumines. But the section where you'll be most prone to unconsciously dancing around the room is, fittingly, "Shake Ya Body" - as much a command as a song title.

Building up to a Rio carnival-atmosphere, whistles-and-big-drums chorus that has the screen strobing like a glitterball, your poor left brain will be all on its lonesome sorting blocks while the rest of you gets down and parties.

73 Frequency - Zoning out
Underappreciated rhythm-action spectacular Frequency (it could have been Keyboard Hero) asks you to rattle your fingers across a DualShock's shoulder buttons like few others.

On its harder songs it can seem that it just isn't physically possible to hit as many different notes in as little time - and fingers - as you have, but then you slip into that mythical gaming Zone and stop thinking about pressing buttons, only feeling the song. And for as long as you can keep it up (just don't look down!) you have military-grade reaction time; you are unstoppable; you are music.

72 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball - Gravure scenes
OK, we hear you: "Does copping a perv qualify as a Great Gaming Moment?" But there's more to DOAX than ogling anime lay-deez. It's a vacation simulator - breezy, silly, laid-back - so while a desperate spike-to-the-face match-point win could have been our pick, it's instead the beachside cavorting between matches.

Watching the girls swim in that too-blue sea, pace the whiter-than-white beaches or soak up the sunsets is an antidote to all your pent-up gaming RAAAARGH, whether or not your finger accidentally slips on to the camera zoom trigger. Hey, no one's judging.

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