10,000 Gamerpoints in 30 days

King Kong
Points: 1000
Time spent: Five hours

You’ll pick up the full quota of points for running through King Kong, so that’s exactly what you should do. Run. Don’t stop to look for hidden extras or new and unusual weapons – just sprint through the game as quickly as you can. It’s a fairly linear experience too, so instead of a walkthrough, we’ve prepared some handy hints to help you escape Skull Island as efficiently as possible.

Most importantly, always pick up guns. It may sound obvious, but if you keep swapping your weapons to the newest fire-arm, you’re unlikely to run out of ammo. If you’re unsure about how many bullets you have left, just check your weapon and you’ll be told about the number of clips remaining in your pockets.

Grab our full King Kong tips FAQ from the cheats page.

Madden NFL 06
Points: 1000
Time spent: Four hours

Getting the Achievements out of Madden is easy. EA has very kindly built in a Franchise Mode that lets you simulate seasons by pressing the Start button and waiting. So, that imposing 400 point Achievement for completing 30 years of Franchise Mode is simple, but a little time consuming, to snag. All you have to do is start a season as one of the top NFL teams (we went for the New England Patriots) and keep simulating the seasons. It’ll take a few hours, but it requires absolutely no concentration, so it’s something you can do in the background while you’re engaged in more mundane tasks like eating / vacuuming the house / taking out the trash... Oh, and if you do simulate 30 seasons of Franchise, you will win the SuperBowl at least once, so there’s another 100 points in the bag.

Check out our full achievements guide for tips on getting the rest.


  • buttercupforpresident - October 19, 2010 1:22 a.m.

    on Fight Night Round 3 you can change the option to allow illegal hits making every fight last only 1 round
  • wolfwing187 - October 18, 2010 10:45 p.m.

    First. This will really help me get my gamerscore up....sadly i don't have any of these games.

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