10 Steps to a Rhythm Heaven

7) Group therapy
Okay. People aren’t going to want to watch you “perform” any of the mentioned games, so your best shot at community action is eight-player linkup Daigasso! Band Brothers, bringing to life lush MIDI versions of Mario, Zelda and Fire Emblem themes. Play with those who haven’t followed our first six steps, however, and expect middling MIDI music mush.

8) DIY Rhythm Game
Martin Leung, one of the Video Games Live pianists, plays the Mario theme while blindfolded. We propose something similar to test your gaming rhythm: download Super Mario Bros on the Virtual Console and attempt to complete world 1-1 while blindfolded, using only the music to guide you. Considering that music, speed of movement and level design are constants, this is completely doable.

9) Pop’n Music GB
So you’ve clicked, honked and boogie on downed through Ouendan, Rhythm Tengoku and Daigasso! There’s one place left for you: Konami’s Pop’n Music GB. This Japan only GBC title employs the Beatmania system of button presses following on-screen cues, only with a more childlike design ethos and candyfloss J-Pop. A real (hardcore) treat, yours for $55 on eBay.

10) Viv Savage
The ultimate in arcade rhythm thrills, Doogi Doogi is Drummania without the fake-o rubbery drum-pads. Sitting at a seven-piece acoustic drum kit, you bash the living daylights out of rock anthems, towering above every other coin-op out in the arcade. Good luck finding it.


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