10 Steps to a Rhythm Heaven

3) Bongocero beginnings
Ease yourself into the rhythm game genre with a spot of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, a halfway house between platforming and rhythm game. Propelled on his banana-snatching way by rabid bongo peripheral drumming, DK needs saving from pursuing environmental hazards by alternating beats.

4) Elite but sweet
With the tight choreographing of circular note targets to tunes, Elite Beat Agents is highly intuitive stuff (though immensely difficult to master). While you may feel safer with the watery Westernized pop version, we think there’s a lot more fun to be had with the God-knows-what-they’re-on-about musical stylings of Ouendan’s J-Pop tracks.

5) Jamming
Find most rhythm games too restrictive? Time to freestyle on Jam Sessions. Not a game as such, this screen-strumming marvel is a virtual guitar. Just hit the D-pad directions for chord changes and let your internal rhythm run wild. Or sit there making guitar-y noises for the hell of it. Either will do. It’s set for release in September.

6) Import Tengoku
GBA’s Rhythm Tengoku (Japan import) rarely escapes a monthly mention on these here pages and not without good reason. Wario Ware with jazz hands, it calls for careful rhythm recognition while bombarding you with monkeys and clapping geishas who grimace upon your untimely timings. Play it with a Game Boy Player for the solid bass output the game deserves. 


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