10 reasons why Okami is a mad masterpiece

9) Start a fashion craze

In Sei-an city, visit kimono designer Mr. Chic by the canal. Enter his house and he’ll ask you to design a new pattern on an enormous kimono pinned to the wall. Whatever you draw, it’ll start appearing around the city on peoples’ clothes, scribbled on walls, on umbrellas - and there’s even a little girl who doodles your “masterwork” all over her school’s playground with charcoal. And, yes, you can draw a guy’s member.

10) Feeding the animals

Run up to an animal and you can feed it by pressing triangle. Not only does this earn Amaterasu experience points, but it also lets you watch a sweet, pointless cut-scene where she watches intently as the critter scoffs down his grub. Certain animals eat certain types of food, all of which can be bought from merchants, so for example tigers like meat and birds like seeds. But if you’re tired of being nice, you can bark at them, bite them, pick them up in your mouth or even headbutt them into the sea. But that’s hardly appropriate behavior for the goddess of the sun, is it? But even gods need time off…

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  • austinthebookworm - January 4, 2011 8:17 a.m.

    Played the game on Wii, it is incredible. Easily in my Top 10 favourite games, and I've played a lot of games.

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