10 Most Awesome Fan Trailers Ever Made


Whether it’s your favourite old TV show, novel or comic book that’s taking ages to make it to the screen, some people just can’t wait for the film’s trailer to arrive.

Which is when they dig into their editing software, snatch some footage from the web – or fashion their own – and crank out a strictly unofficial promo.

YouTube user WormyT has just released this enjoyably all-star Thundercats trailer, which made us ponder some of the favourite fan made trailers to hit the magical Internet….


A clever, crafty use of footage from all over the sci-fi cinema world and some nifty editing mean that the likes of Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel and Hugh Jackman crop up in the big-screen version of the classic kids’ toon.
Will the final movie be this fun? We wonder.

Star Trek
Okay, so JJ Abrams and co have long since come out and blasted the competition away with their action-filled promo, but before anyone had seen footage, the fans were out in force. This one is a little amateurish, but nicely moody.

The film seems locked in development hell, but that hasn’t stopped Halo gamers wishing and hoping and turning footage from the games into an all-action promo. It helps that the game features some nifty cut-scenes. Can’t imagine Tetris making for a quality trailer.



Hang on, we take it back… Thanks to web-based video geniuses
Black 20, we have a distinctly spoofy take on the idea of a block-catching blockbuster. While this one is naturally better than some of the patched-together fan examples, and is more comedy idea than triumph of hope over experience, we still want to see the film.

Green Lantern
DC Comics characters always attract a fervent following, which is why there are no less than three examples on our list. Hal Jordan’s story is finally making its way to our cinemas, but not quickly enough for some fans.

Batman 3
At the height of the rumour silliness, with the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Johnny Depp being considered, the Batman 3 trailer fever reached a new high. This is one of the better ones to tide you over until Chris Nolan gets off his arse and makes the thing.


The Flash
This fake-for-real one took a different approach, attempting to convince us all it was craftily filmed in a cinema. It’s a nice try, and looks professional enough.

New Moon
Admittedly, this one is now being made, but you can’t keep Twilight fans down, can you? There are gazillions of Twilight trailers, but this is definitely among the better ones.

Captain America
Another one slowly cranking into gear, this time from Marvel, but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking footage from the video game and pasting it into a trailer.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Here’s one that’s still sitting in the “unlikely to be made file”. But combine that with a feverish fan base (that’s been bubbling for a lot longer than the Twilighters) and readily available footage and you have a vision for a Buffy movie that doesn’t get mangled on the journey from script to screen. Well, we can dream…


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