10 more pro strategies for Super Street Fighter IV

5) Adon’s art of kicking

Adon’s neutral jumping HK has a really low hitting point. So low in fact, that it can be used as an anti-crouch tactic, effectively making it an overhead move. Keep the pressure on with a crouching LK as they’re getting up. Then mix in a straight jump up HK – it’ll require them to block high. You can then cancel the neutral Jump HK into an air flip kick, and then on landing link a crouching LP into Rising Jaguar for a very nasty big-damage combo. Keep your enemies guessing.

6) Cody-Shank Redemption

Equip Cody’s blade and, even if your opponent is blocking, you’ll still do loads of damage, making it handy to wield at the end of a close fight. It’s also possible to combo into Ultra 2 without any use of EX Meter. Hit the opponent with a crouching HP and immediately buffer in his Last Dread Dust to start as soon as the animation of the crouching Hard Punch ends. Pull off the timing and you’ll devastate your opponent.

7) Master Ibuki’s ultra

Ibuki has many deadly tricks you can use to destroy your opponent. With Ultra 2, Ibuki can use LP, MP, HP, QCF, down to up-forward + 3K to combo into an Ultra from a standing LP. The trick is to make sure that when performing the Ultra, the second quarter circle motion actually ends at up-forward instead of just forward. This counts as both a Super Jump and the second part of the Ultra motion.

8) Oil up and keep the pressure on

When Hakan douses himself in Oil, the properties of his moves change. His forward + HK has massively increased range and knocks down on hit. This sets up a terrifying guessing game, because his slippery grab can be executed, even if he’s over half the screen away. When doused, press forward + HK to launch it. If you think they’ll stay blocking, go for a 360 + P to throw. If you predict they’ll dash back or evade with a jump, go for another forward + HK. That’ll be enough to batter most players.

9) Makoto’s corner trick

Makoto has a nice trick that works in a corner. Grab your opponent with a Karakusa and then hit HP cancelled into an EX Hayate. After it hits, you can hit them again with a well-timed forward + LK, and confuse them by either dashing toward them, or by walking forward one step and staying on the same side. If the opponent blocks the wrong way, hit them with a HP cancelled into EX Oroshi combo. They won’t like that one bit.

10) Max Dudley’s power moves

Dudley has lots of high damage combos that can be landed from his down + HK “scoop.” In the corner, he can pull off three in a row, and connect his Corkscrew Cross or Rocket Upper. He can also pull off down + HK, Ducking Straight (HCF + K, any P), LP Machine Gun Blow (HCF + LP), Corkscrew Cross / Rocket Upper. Finally, even mid-screen, Dudley can combo into Ultra or Super from this move. He can pull off down + HK, Ducking Uppercut cancelled into his Super, down + HK, Ducking Straight and then a Corkscrew Cross. No matter where your opponent is on screen, you always have an easy way to combo into Ultra or Super for some big, stylish damage. He’s a brutal opponent to face if your defense isn’t 100% tight.

Jun 9, 2010


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