10 Comic-Book Heroines Who Should Have Their Own Movie...

1. Scarlet Witch

Her dad's a master villain, her twin brother's a superhero and when she was born, the midwife was a humanoid cow called Bova. Perhaps fortunately then, Scarlet Witch has the ability to alter reality – even if she's not always entirely in control of her abilities.

In some incarnations, she has to do the math(s) to use her powers, i.e. calculate the mathematical probability of the effect she's planning – the more unlikely the event, the trickier the calculation.

Who should play her?
A buxom brainiac who's also a bit dizzy… Jessica Biel


2. Tigra

First introduced to the comic-book world in the early '70s as The Cat, before re-emerging as superpowered woman/cat hybrid Tigra, our feline heroine has super strength, stamina, agility… and a tail.

Her human (and tail-less) alter-ego Greer Grant tends to wear a few more clothes, including a police uniform during a stint with the NYPD.

Who should play her?
Fierce and feline, looks good in a bikini... Rosario Dawson


3. Emma Frost

Frost was once named “Hottest Comic Book Babe” by website IGN Comics – probably for her somewhat revealing white attire, or possibly because she's a qualified sex therapist.

Initially known as the White Queen, she used to be a bad girl and enemy of the X-Men, but now she's a goodie.

She's also minted, thanks to her business acumen and a huge inheritance from her wealthy family.

Who should play her? A blonde who's sexy, smart  and loaded… Katherine Heigl


4. Power Girl

She first appeared to Lois Lane in a dream (Superman 125, for those who like to know such things). But now she's real! Er, in comics.

Like her Kryptonian cousin Supes she has super strength, speed, invulnerability, x-ray vision, flight, etc… and spectacular breasts, handily showcased by a skimpy outfit thats pretty much a shop window for their perky curvature.

“I was going to have a symbol covering them up, but I couldn't think of one,” she claims.

Who should play her?
Cheeky, buxom, not afraid to show some cleavage… Scarlett Johansson


5. Ms Marvel

Carol Danvers was an Intelligence Agent for the US Air Force before working for NASA. She became a superhero after exposure to radiation left her able to fly, fight... and date Captain Marvel.

She turned bad for a while, has also used the names Warbird and, er, Binary, and is known to once have had a bit of a drink problem.

Who should play her? A bit of a wild one but smart and sassy with it… Amber Heard


6. Zatanna

The daughter of a magician and a descendant of Leonardo da Vinci, Zatanna harnesses the power of magic to beat baddies (although she normally has to say the spell out loud – gagging her therefore may make her powerless).

She was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne and she's helped out Batman on occasion – although their relationship has been a bit prickly since she erased part of his memory. Has a tendency to wear fishnet stockings.

Who should play her? A beautiful brunette who casts a spell in fishnet tights… Kate Beckinsale


7. Black Widow

Super spy Natasha Romanoff, aka Natalia Romanova, aka The Black Widow, emerged during the Cold War to spy on Tony 'Iron Man' Stark. But while seducing another superhero (Hawkeye) for secrets, she fell in love and became one of the good girls.

Romanoff's a world-class athlete, martial arts and weapons expert… and an accomplished ballerina.

Who should play her?
Sexy, agile and can lead men a merry dance… Olga Kurylenko


8. Black Canary

A martial arts expert with a piercing 'Canary Cry' that can shatter objects and incapacitate wrong-doers, Black Canary is a crimefighter with a penchant for peroxide, bodices and black stockings.

She likes motorbikes and her va-va voom sex appeal sees her frequently referred to as The Blonde Bombshell. Alter ego Dinah Lance runs 'Sherwood Florist' – a Robin Hood-riffing flower shop.

Who should play her? Likes flowers, knows kung-fu and can shriek with the best of em… Uma Thurman


9. Penny Century

Penny isn't a superhero as such, she just likes dressing as one. She's a friend of Californian punk rock chicks Hopey and Maggie from the brilliant Love And Rockets series.

Penny is dippy but beautiful and married to the über-rich HR Costigan, a horn-headed billionaire who indulges her every desire – which means she has plenty of misadventures.  She also has a habit, when bored, of shagging her bodyguards.

Who should play her? Rich, beautiful and a little bit all over the place… Lindsay Lohan


10. Starfire

There have been three Starfires in the Comics universe… and one of them was a man. But we're talking about the third incarnation, who first appeared in the early '80s.

She's an alien princess, who's handily combat trained and “stronger than eight men”. Sensitive, endearingly naïve and perhaps a tad insecure, she once also nearly married Dick Grayson (yes, Robin!).

Who should play her?
A pretty redhead who's married to someone more famous than her… Isla Fisher


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